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Industrial Coatings division at Mitchell Contracting focuses on protection of surfaces whether it be concrete or steel, chemical or natural environment attack, corrosion control is the main goal in a industrial environment.  Protective coatings installed improperly can lead to extended down time and costly repairs for an owner and all could have been prevented if the protective coatings where installed properly.  From surface prep to final coat we take protective coatings installation seriously.  All projects can have their unique requirements that are needed for corrosion control to be achieved, our experienced staff can design a system that will work best for the material it is protecting and the environment it will be in.

Installed Systems:

​Hydro Tanks ( Linings and Exteriors)

Lift Stations

Wet Well Coatings

Ground Storage Tanks

Pipe Protection

Epoxies and Urethanes

NSF Approved Coatings

​Secondary Containments

Novolac Epoxies